Preparation bays


Surface preparation before painting - multifunctional active cells for job tasks on vehicles: stripping, small sheet metal repairs, putty filling, drying, sanding, degreasing, masking, etc..


  • Configuration on civil engineering structure or metal base
  • Structure complete with lighting and mobile dividing curtains
  • Equipment at ground level or overhead
  • Several options and variations are possible (hot air compensation with or without plenum / dry sanding operation with centralised dust extraction with satellites using different energies / lift table / IR dryer / etc.)



Compliance (with standards)

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC depending on the equipment
  • Directive on VOCs 2004/42/EC amending and replacing Directive 1999/13/EC of 11 March 1999 (reducing solvent emissions) applicable on 01 January 2007