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Cellule Full Repair auto

- Full Repair // Single Post Cell -


  • Single smart repair cell, intended for the treatment of urban shocks in automobile bodywork.


Cell awarded by the French ""Décision Atelier"" magazine, equipment price 2020 - Bodywork category.

  • Closed ventilated enclosure, single pre-painted station, lined in rock wool with door 2 leaves (through possibility)
  • Useful interior dimensions. : 7m x 4.20m x 2.80m.
  • Management by touch screen
  • Safety enslavements
  • 3 drying processes (convection, shortwave infrared, UVA).
  • Small and medium repairs, 1 to 2 A4 or A3 format elements on light vehicles or detached elements.
  • Ventilation group type paint booth, gas air stream thermal unit. 2 operating modes in ventilation thanks to variable speed drives: half flow and full flow (spraying mode).
  • Multifunction cell : operations grouped together on a single station without moving the vehicle: 24 intervention sequences, from undercoats to the finishing product (masking, puttying, cotton wiping, degreasing, sanding, painting application, drying ...) under the responsibility of a single operator.
  • Related equipment : built-in lifting table taken under body and DUO (taken under body and under wheels), sanding concept with automatic cleaning and multi-energy plates, infrared and UVA drying gantry, storage cabinet.


  • Better productivity : maximum optimization of labor and energy costs
  • Optimization of the floor space and physical flows in the workshop
  • Operator comfort and safety
  • Reduction of the vehicle return period to customer
  • Painting preparation and application functionalities (paintbooth type).


Normative aspects integrated with support from a national certification body.

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