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Tel. +33(0)5 45 20 51 51 // OMIA ZI n°3 - 66 avenue Maryse Bastié 16340 L’ISLE d’ESPAGNAC - France

- Shot blasting / sanding booth -


  • Equipment for surface preparation using mechanical processes (abrasive blasting). All industries.


  • Shot blasting / sanding booth
  • Free jet shot blasting booths
  • Manual or automatic shot blasting
  • Recycling of the abrasive with dual purification (mechanical and dynamic)
  • Progressive abrasive recovery system (localised, partial, total)
  • High-tech sander
  • Type of ventilation adapted to suit the number of operators


  • Modular and customisable
  • Operator safety
  • Eco-responsible: recycled abrasive, absence of liquid and gaseous effluents, containment of pollutants


Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

qualite omia Shot blasting / sanding booth