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- Penetrant inspection  -


  • Equipment for the inspection of parts in the aeronautical sector.


  • Penetrant inspection (non-destructive test)
  • Used to detect material or welding defects in parts linked to wear and defects in various fields of activity: aviation, metalworks, railway, mechanical fields, etc...

Full penetrant inspection facilities (Non-Destructive Testing) for :

  • application of the penetrant (coloured or fluorescent) on the parts under daylight or with ultraviolet rays
  • rinsing of the parts (facility with wastewater recovery system)
  • drying of the parts (drying at 50 to 70T)
  • white light developer
  • defect viewing (verification/reading room)

Vertical ventilation (closed) booths or horizontal ventilation (open) booths :

  • Booth ventilation for penetrant and developer application compliant with the standards applicable to liquid spray booths.

Customised facilities :

  • Multi-purpose booth: we can group together the following different consecutive steps into the same booth, according to the pace of the works: 1&2, 4&5, 1&2&3&4&5.


  • Modular and customisable
  • Operator safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Eco Responsible: containment of pollutants


Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC depending on the equipment
Directive on VOCs 2004/42/EC amending and replacing Directive 1999/13/EC of 11 March 1999 (reducing solvent emissions) applicable on 01 January 2007

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