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- Spray painting booth // Luxia 700 S -


Paint booth for painting applications on light vehicles (L.V.) and utility vehicles (U.V) in automotive bodywork.


  • Combined booths : spraying/drying
  • Vertical ventilation principle with balanced overpressure and heating.
  • 10 major innovations

Integrated ENERGECO process : Matting' phase between loyers by air recycling in closed circuit.

  • 22% reduction in length of presence in the booth
  • 34% reduction in operating costs
  • Daily yield increased by + 1 vehicle/day

Régul’press : Regular booth pressure and level of filter fouling controlled by 5 digital sensors.
Air Touch : completely ergonomic and interactive control unit - multilingual colour 9' touch screen with browser icons and drop-down menu.
Aerospeed : optimised and directional flaps for incoming and outgoing air flows (reduced motor currents).
Isolpax : booth enclosure panel with self-centred fitting consisting of heat-insulated lining made from high-density, rigid rock wool.
Isophonia : general acoustic treatment – less than 75 dB(A) inside the booth.
Protect Planete : Materials and components that are more than 90% recyclable (reduced greenhouse gas emissions).
Energia Report : Energy cost indicator for repairs on the touch screen. Control your energy consumption.
Hygro control (OPTIONAL) : Indicator constantly reporting the relative humidity level inside the booth. Prevents unnecessary overheating!
Pack eco (OPTIONAL) : Automatic ventilation control according to operationa! Phases (Variable frequency drives on motor).

  • State of the art technology
  • 3 filtration levels
  • Function automation through a programmable logic controller
  • IRC 85% high-resolution lighting - daylight tubes in IP54 sealed casing with electronic ballasts
  • Configuration on civil works or metal base (with external full ramp / integrated mobile ramp depending on the formula)
  • Heating via direct-fired gas burner in an air flow
  • Floor with extraction system and galvanised gratings - Optimum floor surface area for extraction
  • Numerous layout possibilities
  • Wide range of different dimensions


  • Design
  • Ergonomics and operator comfort
  • Productivity
  • Energy savings
  • Environmentally friendly


NF EN 16 985 spray booths for spraying organic coating products.
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC depending on the equipment
Directive on VOCs 2004/42/EC amending and replacing Directive 1999/13/EC of 11 March 1999 (reducing solvent emissions) applicable on 01 January 2007

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